If You Keep Your Shoes In This Weird Place, You Can Do Something So Handy With Them

You probably have a favorite pair of shoes that you always love to wear. These shoes are so glorious that people shed tears just by catching a glimpse of their magnificent splendor. It”s a pair so amazing that angels come down from the heavens to sing exquisite hymns as you put them on. (This happens to everyone, right?) However, they have one major problem: they don”t quite fit your feet anymore.

Luckily for you, a simple little trick exists to get them fitting fine again. All you need is a ziplock bag and access to a freezer. It”s that easy!

(source Michelle Phan)

This is the best solution for shoes that fit just fine at the store, but then magically shrink on the way home. Your amazing shoes don”t have to end up in the box for eternity. Rejoice knowing that no shoes will ever be too small again! Unless, of course, you are Shaquille O”Neal trying to fit into a normal-sized shoe.