If You Have One Of These 16 Jobs, Beware: You Could Get These Bizarre Injuries

Occupational hazards are something we all have to deal with – paper cuts are the worst! While some people have more dangerous jobs than others, even if your job is to lay around in bed all day (lucky!), eventually you”ll end up with some muscular or skeletal problem that needs medical attention.

Some of these injuries are just little annoyances, some are more dangerous, and some are downright deadly. Whatever the case, it really is crazy how easy it is to get injured just doing your job.

1. Tailor”s Bunion


These bunions were once a common ailment among tailors, as they would sit cross-legged on the floor, putting a lot of pressure on their pinky toes.

2. Clergyman”s Knee


This condition, technically called infrapatellar bursitis, is caused by putting too much weight on one knee when kneeling on the ground. That”s what you get for being a pious clergyman.

3. Painter”s Colic


Before lead paint was banned from use, this intestinal condition related to lead poisoning often affected painters who worked with the material.

4. Mad Hatter”s Disease

Mad Hatter

Ages ago, artisans used a mercury compound when producing hats. Overexposure to the ingredient caused serious psychological and physical problems. Lewis Carroll drew upon this disease for his character “The Mad Hatter.”

5. Fiddler”s Neck or Violin Hickey


This nasty skin rash surfaces in the area where one”s violin, viola, or fiddle touches the chin, neck, and collarbone due to pressure or friction.

6. Chimney Sweep”s Scrotum

Chimney Sweep

When necessary, chimney sweeps would climb in naked to clean out smaller chimneys. The carcinogens in the soot, however, caused an awful cancer, also known as “soot wart.” That can”t be comfortable.

7. Cobbler”s Femur


Cobblers sit for hours hammering the soles of shoes in their laps. Over time, this causes tiny fractures in the femur, which never heals correctly.

8. Horn Player”s Palsy

Horn Player

This is a type of paralysis that”s caused by pressure to nerves in the facial muscles used during horn playing.

9. Trombone Player”s Lung

Trombone Player

Apparently, there”s a lot of bacteria in trombones. When inhaled, players can contract hypersensitivity pneumonitis, or Trombone Player”s Lung.

10. Chauffeur”s Fracture


This fracture dates back to when cars had hand-cranks. Sometimes, when trying to start up a car, the crank would backfire and fracture the driver”s hand.

11. Glassblower”s Cataracts


The radiation that comes from heating glass can do major damage to an unprotected eye, causing cataracts. That”s why today glassblowers wear goggles.

12. Woolsorter”s Disease


This dangerous and deadly condition was caused by inhaling naturally occurring bacteria found on sheep. It”s called bacillus anthracis, also known as anthrax.

13. Weaver”s Bottom


This painful condition, caused by inflammation in the pelvic area, happens when you sit on a hard surface all day. Sound familiar?

14. Baker”s Knee


Unless bakers have become more burly, this is still probably pretty common. To compensate for the weight of what they carry, bakers used to lean heavily on one leg. If this became a habit, they could do serious damage to their bone structure, causing one knee to buckle inward.

15. Gamekeeper”s Thumb


Years ago, gamekeepers would kill rabbits and other vermin on their property by breaking the neck with their thumb and forefinger. If done too often, it eventually lead to significant ligament damage.

16. Student”s Elbow


This might be your get-out-of-class-free card. Student”s Elbow happens when you lean or put too much pressure on the point of your elbow.

(via Mental Floss)

Basically, I learned that even if I want to take a break – you know, sit down, rest my head on my hand – I could end up with fractures and weird bone disorders. Great!