If You Can’t Tell Your Family, Who Can You Tell? Everyone Should Know This Disgusting Truth.

21 year-old Ali Safran was sexually assaulted. 3 years after the attack, she still felt she hadn”t received justice. So, she decided to do something unconventional to find hope again. The legal system wouldnt help her, so she is trying to help herself…and others in the same situation.

She started the Tumblr blog Surviving in Numbers to help speak the truth about sexual assault and find others that needed counseling. People are posting themselves holding up signs with the truth behind how many people they have told – and their reactions. The results are sometimes inspirational, but oftentimes shocking. Their pleas and their need for help often go unnoticed. Almost as if they deserve it.

“Because he was your best friend, didn”t you WANT it?”

"Because he was your best friend, didn

“Why didn”t you go to the police?”

"Why didn

“His face still intimidates me.”

“They told me that I was damaged goods.”

“His actions left me with an urge to create more visible scars.”

“I thought it would happen to you.”

“Telling people takes some of the weight off.”

“I still have trouble sleeping, even 3 years later.”

“You”re so small.”


“I have told 6 friends that I was abused and that the abuser was my brother.”

“But you were drunk.”

Countless people have been assaulted sexually and haven”t received any justice. It needs to stop.

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