If This Weird Conspiracy Theory Is Actually True, It Would Explain A Lot About Putin

There is probably no world leader on the planet more fascinating than Russia’s strongest mongoose, Vladimir Putin. The president is known less for his politics and more for having a professional hockey team pretend like he scored a goal on them to save his people from a tiger. He seems to rely on his mythology more than his actual leadership skills.

So what’s the newest conspiracy theory surrounding Vladimir Putin? Apparently, the man is immortal. It sounds crazy (well, it is crazy), but some of these pictures might make you scratch your head.

Disclose TV recently posted this picture of Putin, showing him as an eternal warrior anchored to this world by his penchant for violence.

Someone also recognzed the Russian’s scoopy nose in Jan van Eyck, a Netherlandish painter who worked during the 15th-century Northern Renaissance. Could this actually be Putin himself?

Putin tried to hide his features behind a silly 19th-century mustache, but the Internet saw right through that.

Perhaps the most shocking evidence of Putin’s immortality is his appearance in one of the world’s most iconic treasures.

With that kind of mystique, it’s easy to see why the Russian people are super into this guy, despite the fact that he’s basically a dictator. Hell, even the birds love him!