I Would Never Buy These Bizarre Vintage Products, Even If I Did Live Back Then

Gak, POGS, you don”t have to look very far into our past to find some super strange products. That said, it certainly seems like the further you go back, the weirder the items you come across are. Tamagotchis might seem like a weird thing to carry around with you now, but it”s a lot better than a “TV Helmet” that you”d have a difficult time getting into any building that doesn”t have a loading dock. I don”t know who was buying the products below back in the day, but I sure wish I could have met them.

1. All-In-One Fridge, Sink, and Range

All-In-One Fridge, Sink, and Range

2. Personal TV Helmet

Personal TV Helmet

3. Reddi-Bacon


4. Swim Mask

Swim Mask

5. The Isolator

The Isolator

6. Front Row Car Seating

Front Row Car Seating

7. Egg Cuber

Egg Cuber

8. Pedal Skates

Pedal Skates

9. The Cure For Baldness

The Cure For Baldness

10. This Barbaric-Looking Leash

This Barbaric-Looking Leash

11. Motorized Roller Skates

Motorized Roller Skates

12. Gum Massager

Gum Massager

13. Portable Sauna

Portable Sauna

14. Madam Rowley”s Toilet Mask

Madam Rowley

15. Family Bicycle With Sewing Machine

Family Bicycle With Sewing Machine

16. The Poker Face Mask

The Poker Face Mask

17. The Dimple Maker

The Dimple Maker

(via Distractify)

Okay, the bacon you can cook is a pretty great idea. I”d definitely buy that. Okay, fine, and The Poker Face. I”ve got to pay for the Reddi-Bacon somehow.