I Was In Tears By The End Of This Uniquely Awesome Wedding Toast

Giving a wedding speech is a stressful task. When the bride and groom ask you to give a toast at their wedding reception, you can”t mess it up. Your speech is the most important part of the wedding, and if you don”t wow the audience, the marriage will likely end in divorce.

Obviously, none of that is true, but that”s how being the best man feels. Luckily for this couple, the groom”s brother (and best man) gave a home run of a speech. He even went the extra mile and added a musical twist, showing up every best man to follow him for years to come.

(source Daniel Buccheri)

This couple is lucky to have each other in their lives, and perhaps even more lucky to have their talented best man. Without him, who knows what would have become of their wedding? He is the glue that will help keep them together as they live happily ever after.