I Thought This Shootout Was About To Become Deadly, When Suddenly…

Being part of a shootout is the absolute last thing you”d ever want to do. Why? Well, because it would likely be the last thing you do in this world. After all, most shootouts end in death and sorrow. Needless violence is never the answer to a problem.

Thankfully, you never have to worry about being part of a shootout, but you might have to witness one. If you have to watch one in your lifetime, then this surprising shootout is the one to see. In the thick of it, it looks like it”s ready to turn ugly…when it suddenly becomes really funny.

(via Arma Bangz)

There”s nothing like a good old fashioned firework shootout! Obviously, this is still quite dangerous, but far less dangerous than an actual gun shootout. I hope these are the only kinds of shootouts that these gentlemen stick to.

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