I Need These Mini Deep-Dish Pizzas In My Life, And So Do You

If there’s one problem with pizza (there honestly isn’t), it would be that when you order it, you sometimes get way too much for one human to handle. Normally, I would just throw the leftover pieces in the fridge and eat them the next day (or an hour later. Don’t judge me!), but for a guy trying to count calories who still loves pizza, this recipe by Jumble Joy is perfect!

It satiates my cravings without making me feel like a pizza monster is going to burst out of my stomach like something in Alien. Sound like a recipe you need in your life? Check this out.


Hey, waiting 15 minutes for these to cook beats waiting for the pizza guy to show up! When you make your favorite takeout dishes at home, you get to control how many gut-busting ingredients end up (or don’t end up) in the finished product.