How To Take An Ordinary Apple And Turn It Into Something Amazing

You don”t get a title like “The King of Random” if you can”t do things like turn an apple into a swan. In this case, YouTuber Grant Thompson definitely earns the name, and in an incredibly fast manner, too. Thompson doesn”t just show off, though. He also has the decency to show us how to make a beautiful swan out of an apple. This is one of those things that you probably had no idea you wanted to do. However, once you get a look at the finished product, you”ll rush into the kitchen to grab yourself an apple.

(source YouTube)

Now we know how to carve a swan out of an apple. We”re still a long way from usurping The King of Random”s throne, but with hard work, dedication, and a commitment to watching his videos, maybe we can come close. At the very least, we now have awesome apple swans.