How A Series Of Wooden Boards Took A Mailbox From Plain To Beautiful

Reddit user tylergarner didn’t want a mailbox like everyone else’s. Instead of a plain stem stuck in the ground, the handy crafter decided that a more polished approach would be best for his house. What follows is a simple, but very effective way of making a fancier stand for a mailbox.

It all started with some wooden beams.

They were cut to size.

And sanded.

Then, a dark walnut stain was applied.

The house numbers were laid out to make sure of their placement.

And then the assembly began.

The boards were each placed along a support.

The (almost) final product.

The house numbers were attached.

And there it is…the metal mailbox in all its glory!

(source Reddit)

The stand was fixed in the ground using 30-inch spikes, which were picked up from Home Depot. Not only is this a wonderfully sturdy-looking post for a mailbox, it’s also a great way to let visitors know exactly where you live. No more lost friends driving around the block looking for you!