Holiday Parties Can Be Awesome…Or Totally And Hilariously Awkward. Like This.

Seeing your family, friends and loved ones during the holidays is a special treat. Growing up and growing apart from those you love can be such a bummer. However, going home for the holidays can be an unexpected war zone (albeit one filled with turkey dinners and fun party games).

The next time you don a chunky, cable-knit sweater and head home…be prepared. You might just hear these annoying lines from your friends.

1. “Sorry I”m late!”

"Sorry I

“Late” is an understatement. Whoever says this, they might be so busy they don”t even stop to actually be sorry. The friend was probably busy visiting 2-53 other people, so your dinner engagement got pushed back. By a lot. At least you ordered appetizers!

2. “OMG! Let”s get together!!!11!!1”

"OMG! Let

One friend will really want to get together. REALLY. But all of their excitement lacks plans, organization and a general sense of “what we”re going to do.” It”s a (fun) mess.

3. “I JUST missed you!”

Whoever says this? Yeah, they didn”t just miss you. They probably weren”t even in the same town on the same day. But they, for some reason, want to make you believe that they were.

4. Phone rings for several minutes with no answer…

<i>Phone rings for several minutes with no answer...</i>

Sigh. An old friend told you to call on Friday night, as soon as you got into town. Unfortunately, you never hear from them again (during the holiday weekend, anyway).

5. “Wait, you weren”t invited? Oh, no!!”

"Wait, you weren

…they seem innocent, don”t they? This friend went to someone else”s holiday party instead of meeting you. They swear they thought you were going to be there. (You weren”t invited.) D”oh.

6. “I”m just so stressed…”


There”s a friend that will want no part of your plans because they know it”ll be too much fuss. End of story. This friend plans on sleeping, eating, rinsing and repeating. (Hmm, that doesn”t sound so bad.)

7. “Hey, how are you doi-… …is that Carol? LET”S GO SAY HI!”

"Hey, how are you doi-... that Carol? LET

Shortly after meeting a friend, you may hear this. Your friend spotted someone they kind-of-know and immediately ditch the plans they made with you to make bigger, better plans with all three of you. This rarely ever goes smoothly, even if the intent is good.

8. “Man, I have a lot of parties to go to this weekend.”

When you hear this, you know the social butterfly is telling the truth. Their schedule is so jam-packed and confusing, they probably won”t end up sleeping during their time at home.

9. “Can we hang out Friday? And Saturday? And Sunday?”

Some people just don”t know what boundaries are. These friends missed you so much they never want to leave your side! …unfortunately, people may not realize what kind of hectic turkey-eating schedule you have.

10. “…Aren”t you going to my family”s party?”


The dreaded question asked by significant others the world over. It”s time for a holiday party on Saturday night and there can only be one. (Good luck!)

Loosen your belt after all of that family food and put on your game faces, people! It”s planning time!

Like the common cold, theres not really a cure for the common meet up quirk, but the Scout app can help make meeting up easier and fun. Happy Holidays!