Historians Reveals Hitler Had Only One Testicle And A MicroPenis


Its long been suspected that the Nazi Leader obviously had to be compensating for something, well maybe its the lack there of. Hitler was known to have almost a fear of sexual relationships as well as made it very clear he was never to bee seen naked, he never had children even though he preached how there needed to be more Aryan Babies born. His personal Doctor was said to be prescribing amphetamines, hormones and even Cocaine to increase the Dictators sex drive. Even when he married Eva Braun Hitler apparently had major problems in the bedroom. Well Historians may have found the reason for these insecurities, He had a micro penis.


Historians Jonathan Mayo and Emma Craigie have released that the German Dictator suffered from two different types of deformaity, unlucky for him both deformities were directly related to his manhood. The first is called “right-side Cryptorchidism”, which is the medical name for an un-descended testicle. Second, and more severe, is called Hypospadias which drastically effects the size and the ability to urinate properly, Some cases even have to urinate out of a whole that is at the base of the shaft versus at the tip like one would usually urinate from using a penis. Now it is said that Hitler suffered from both the micropenis and the peeing from the base of the shaft problem so that would mean the guy had one ball, pretty much nonexistent dick but what little he did have was deformed and he ad to pee from a hole at the base of what little shaft he did have.


Normally we would feel terrible for the guy that suffered from any one of these conditions let alone all 3 at the same time. Being men we wouldn’t wish “bad dick juju” on anyone but in this particular case we feel it happens to be fitting for a guy like Hitler.