Here Are 12 Bizarre Facts About The Animal Kingdom You Probably Didn’t Know

We always love to learn new and bizarre facts about our world. This is especially true when it comes to the animal kingdom. With this in mind, these 12 little-known facts will surely whet your appetite. Before you don”t think animals are really your bag, this lists includes the little-known concept of superhero turtles. I bet you didn”t expect to learn about that, eh?

1. Seahorses.


Seahorses are both the slowest fish in the ocean and the only male animal to carry its unborn.

2. Tortoises.


The Galapagos tortoise can live for one full year without food or water, sleep 16 hours a day, and live to over 150 years.

3. Howler Monkeys.

Howler Monkeys.

As the loudest land animal on Earth, they can be heard 3 miles away.

4. Starfish.


Since these creatures don”t have any blood, seawater runs through their veins.

5. Chameleons.


Chameleons don”t change colors to camouflage themselves, but instead to display emotion.

6. Pigs.


These mud-slingers squeal louder than a jet engine, causing many farmers a great deal of hearing loss.

7. Oysters.


These “guys” change their gender many times during their lives. Oysters will choose a gender based on what”s most advantageous in the moment.

8. Blue Whales.

Blue Whales.

At 155 decibels loud, their songs can travel up to 1,000 miles underwater.

9. Giant Clams.

Giant Clams.

Once a clam picks a spot on the reef, it never leaves for the rest of its life.

10. Ostriches.


Ostriches can outsprint a horse at full speed.

11. Clownfish.


Every single clownfish is born as a male, and some become female later on.

12. Hippos.


Oddly enough, hippos manufacture their own sunblock. This allows them to endlessly sunbathe.

(via All Day)

So, wait. Nemo might end up being…a girl?! Disney might need to rework their sequel…