He Took A Giant Cable Spool And Turned It Into Something You’ll Want In Your Home

Just like your tab at the bar in town, bringing one into your home can cost a pretty penny. That is, unless you’re this guy who decided to get creative with a wooden cable spool he found for cheap.

What most of us would just see as a huge piece of trash, he saw as an opportunity for awesomeness. You’ll agree when you see the result.

Here’s the huge spool he started with.

First things first, dismantle the whole thing.

He decided to mount plywood on the top and bottom curves.

He got to measuring…

And sliced ’em all up.

He measured and cut two-by-fours to fit the height he wanted.

And started constructing the base.

He didn’t use any two-by-fours on the ends, but later that created a problem, so they were added.

The base was secured with extra support.

Next, he used whiteboard to cover the front.

Eucalyptus board was cut to fit on top of that.

He measured stainless steel for the final cover.

It gave the bar a more industrial look.

Then it was time to stain the wood.

He was careful to leave the red logo on the right side to give it character.

After he added some shelves, he mounted it to the wall behind the bar, and it was all done!

(source Reddit)

Now he’ll never have to worry about settling that tab at the tavern! Next round’s on me, barkeep.