He Stuffed Christmas Lights Into A Wine Bottle For A Genius Result

Except for the fact that there”s no more wine inside, there”s no denying that wine bottles are striking pieces of glassware. It”s something about the green color, or maybe it”s the graceful shape and long neck. Whatever it is, dumping them unceremoniously in the recycling bin seems like a waste.

If you”d like to save your bottles, Birchbox Man has come up with seven clever, stylish ways to reuse them.

(source Birchbox Man)

If you”re going to attempt cutting glass, you should always wear proper eye and hand protection, and be careful! We also recommend sanding the cut edge because it will be very, very sharp.

And please…don”t drink too much wine. (Or if you must, at least invite us over to help out!)

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