He Received A Ticket For Parking Illegally…But He’s Only 3 Years Old!

Three-year-old Declan Tramley was riding his “motorcycle” and enjoying a nice summer day when he got stuck with something every driver dreads: a parking ticket.

The young Canadian rebel, who loves riding his red plastic motorcycle around town, put his hand to his forehead in exasperation after being ticketed by Constable Shawn Currie for illegally parking in a ferry terminal”s no-parking zone in Halifax, Canada. Luckily for the little tike, he won”t have to worry about actually paying for the ticket, but his story serves as a lighthearted reminder to other adult bikers to keep in line.

(via Relax4ever)

The picture of this “ruthless biker,” as he was dubbed by the Halifax Regional Police, went viral after it was shared by the department on their Facebook page with the citation, “Remember, you cannot park your motorcycle in the circle by the ferry terminal.”

We bet that Declan, happy with his newfound local fame, can”t wait to get on a real hog when he grows up. Let”s just hope he doesn”t get any more tickets!

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