He Poured Olive Oil On His Hand And It Did…What? What An Awesome Hack.

Everyone wants to make their life a little easier (right?). By making chores a little faster and more efficient, we can all do what we really want to do with our days: nap.

In order to get to those naps faster, though, we need a little bit of guidance to make our lives easier. That is where these quick and simple life hacks come in. In a jam-packed two minute video, this guy shows us numerous life hacks that will help us get to those naps quicker.

Zzzz…I”m sorry what? Oh, I dozed off because I have nothing else to do today because these life hacks made my day simpler. I finally have time to nap all day and accomplish nothing! Maybe now would be a good time to watch all of Netflix. Yes, all of it. Thanks, life hacks!