He Looks Like A Normal Little Boy, But He Has An Odd Secret That’s Unbelievable

Any parent will tell you that kids say and do the darnedest things. Yet when one Ohio boy started to constantly talk about a woman called Pam, his parents started getting worried. When they asked little Luke who Pam was, his answer changed their lives forever.

Luke told them that Pam was him, but it wasn”t until he started going into great detail about living another life, that his parents started believing him. The tale he told was of a life in a completely different city as an elderly woman who suffered a horrific death. This caused his parents to start believing in past lives, and that their son actually was Pam in a previous life.

(source CroMax)

That was actually pretty spooky, and even more so since my nephew constantly runs around saying he”s Batman. I should really look into this.