He Left A Fake Guest Book At An Airbnb, And You’ll Lose It When You Read The Entries

If you tend to travel on a budget, then you’re probably familiar with Airbnb.

It’s a great service because homeowners can rent out their unused spaces, and travelers can live like locals for a fraction of the cost. What’s really cool about it is that, like Uber, Airbnb allows both parties to review each other, meaning that those who lease properties can rate their tenants.

And I feel like this hilarious tenant who stayed in an Airbnb property in Florida is about to get the best rating ever. He left a fake guest book behind that is about to make you laugh until your face hurts. Trust me.

Looks cute, right? Well, things get significantly less cute when you start flipping pages. These fake responses to one question are basically the best things that have ever happened to Airbnb.

I bet Florida’s on your bucket list now. If I don’t find one of these books in my next Airbnb rental, I’m not going to be happy.