He Knew This Injured Swan Needed Rescuing, But Did NOT Expect This To Happen

Simon from the Wildlife Aid Foundation received a call from a park ranger who was quite concerned about a swan living in a nearby pond. What got him worried was the swan”s appearance, which possibly indicated a crooked neck.

Catching the swan turned out to be a challenge, but with tons of wildlife rescues under his belt, Simon eventually succeeded. The rescue veteran brought the swan back to the animal hospital, where one of the vets examined the possibly injured swan. An X-ray showed that the bent neck was in fact an old injury, and thankfully not lead poisoning as first suspected. Seeing how the swan must have been coping well with his crooked neck, Simon immediately released him back to his mate, who obviously didn”t mind his “unique” look.

(source Wildlife Aid)

I”m so glad this swan proved to be okay. It was beautiful to see the two swans reunited at the end. Simon did such an amazing job at staying calm while the swan was thrashing about in his arms.