He Hated His Long Commute, So This Guy Came Up With The Most Ridiculous Plan

Traffic jams are the worst. They cause more stress than most other day-to-day problems. Drivers would do just about anything to avoid being caught in bumper-to-bumper traffic. Some crafty people even use illegal means to accomplish this, avoiding traffic in the most ridiculous ways.

This man is one of those people. He built a “passenger” dummy out of wood to make it look like a second person was in his vehicle. He went out of his way to do all this just to use the HOV lane and shave off a few minutes. Thankfully, police caught him trying to pull a fast one on the road.

(source Local 12)

Let this be a lesson that if you break the law, you will be caught (eventually/maybe). With a crime as insignificant and hilarious as cheating your way into the HOV lane, it”s really hard not to give this man his props.

Props on his props. See what I did there?