He Had No Clue Why His Dad Was Making A Selfie Stick Until He Walked Over To A Tree

Okay, selfie sticks have a pretty bad reputation, but you’ll be pretty pumped when you see why he made his own.

When this guy saw his dad putting together a DIY selfie stick one morning, he couldn’t figure out why he needed it. When pops went outside, however, it all came together. What happened when he stuck the selfie stick up into a tree is basically the cutest thing ever!

Using an extendable de-icer for the car, Dad secured his iPhone to the contraption with painter’s tape.

Then he extended it as far as it would go and set the camera’s timer.

He reached up into the tree to capture something precious.

This is the photo he snapped!

“Get me from this angle. It’s my better side!”

They’re probably still seeing spots after enduring the flash.

Maybe selfie sticks aren’t so bad after all! Even Mr. Prez approves.