He Filled A Vase With 7-Up – What It Did Is Absolutely Mind-Blowing

I was recently devastated after I ruined my favorite t-shirt with a grease stain. However, unlike the old days where I would toss it (or wash it until it hopefully came out), I decided to scour the Internet for helpful tips on stain removal. Upon my searches, I came across numerous testimonials about using Coca-Cola to remove grease from clothing.

After using the soft drink to save my precious shirt (which totally worked), I sought out other instances where using the beverage would work. As it turns out, there are a heap of fantastic uses for your favorite fizzy drinks. The folks at Household Hacker recently highlighted seven simple ways to use soda in your home. These tricks won”t clog your arteries, so perhaps it”s time to crack open those cans!

(source HouseholdHacker)

These uses might have you questioning why you would ever put the stuff in your body and why it”s not sold in hardware stores. Now I just need to get a mini fridge for my workbench…