He Cut Two Slits In A Log…What He Did Next Seems To Defy The Laws Of Science

During these unbearable winter months, there”s nothing quite like a warm fire to cut the cold. The smokey smell and crackling sounds are so familiar and comforting. Part of me actually looks forward to the chillier months because I know that there”s more of a reason to curl up next to a roaring fire.

But what do you do when you”re low on firewood? Check out the video below to learn an incredible fire hack that”s perfect for the winter or a fall camping trip. Instead of using a bunch of logs, you just need one.

(via Doogly)

I cannot believe that a single log lasts for so long! This certainly is the most efficient use of firewood I”ve ever seen. It”s so simple, I”ll have to give this a shot.