Happy 4/20! Etch-A-Sketch Master Recreates Obama Smoking Pot (Video)

The photo the president can”t quite “shake.”

The photo the president can

This 4/20 surprise is almost better than an ounce of Blue Dream… almost.

Leave it to Etch-a-Sketch expert Bryan Madden to celebrate the occasion with a holiday-themed masterpiece. This time Madden has used his unmatched etching and sketching skills to recreate the iconic photo of President Obama dancing with Mary Jane.

The results are so impressive that they can be enjoyed even if you”re not baked. It took Madden three tries over the course of four hours to get it right, but we”re still in awe of his skills. Apparently, he got a little inspiration from the picture he was duplicating.

Madden told The Puffington Post (heh, heh, heh, heh, heh, heh), er Huffington Post:

[Smoking pot] is helpful because Etch-a-Sketching is a very tedious operation , so anything to make it a little more enjoyable is a benefit… Most artists, I think, probably smoke pot. It does, you know, enhance creativity with a lot of people.

Writers qualify as “artists,” right? Regardless, you”ve got to check out the video below… after you light up, of course.