Grandparents Would Do Anything For Their Grandchildren, But This? Wow…

Cindy Reutzel was naturally excited for her granddaughter to be born. However, her circumstance as proud grandma was a little different than normal. Cindy actually gave birth to her own grandchild. How does that happen? Through the miracle of modern medicine, of course.

Cindy”s daughter, Emily, was diagnosed with cervical cancer at a young age, which resulted in her undergoing a radical hysterectomy and leaving her unable to have children. Emily and her husband, Mike, were devastated, but that”s when Cindy stepped up with an amazing solution.

(via YouTube/Associated Press)

Cindy gave birth to her own granddaughter, Elle, in September 2012. Today, all three generations are happy and healthy. Thanks to some incredible generosity and the advances of medical technology, Emily was not only able to save her own life, but bring in a new one, as well.