Good Samaritan Tortoise Helps A Friend In Need Roll Back Onto His Feet

We”ve all been down on our luck before, seeing the world upside down and flailing about helplessly. Eventually, a dear friend comes along and gives us a friendly nudge, helping us see the world right again.

That”s exactly what happened in a zoo in Taipei, Taiwan. When a tortoise saw a friend in need of help, he decided to step in and save the day. The good guy tortoise helped right his upside-down buddy after life landed him on his back, making him unable to turn no matter how much he flailed.

(Source: AuDi Yu)

To make things even more adorable, the Taiwanese children in the background are screaming “jiayou!”, which is a friendly cheer usually used to encourage athletes during competitions. Jiayou, indeed little tortoise. Jiayou, indeed.