For Monopoly’s 80th Anniversary, Hasbro Put Real Money In 80 Sets Of The Game

Monopoly has been one of the most popular Hasbro games for years. It brings families together (and eventually makes them fight).

In France, 80 of the game boards will cause fights about real money and not just pink and orange paper. Lucky individuals will find all of the fake, colorful money replaced with REAL euros. One person will find 20,580 euros ($23,348 USD) of spendable cash. Ten more sets will have 300 euros ($340 USD) and 69 additional sets will have 150 euros ($170 USD) in the box.

Employees prepare the lucky Monopoly sets in Saint-Avoid, France

Hasbro wanted to do something special to mark the anniversary, so the company turned to its fans. “When we asked our French customers, they told us they wanted to find real money in their Monopoly boxes,” said brand manager Florence Gaillard.

Hasbro released a hint for all potential treasure-hunters: the lucky 80 sets come in a box that”s just a little bigger than the standard Monopoly set. The winning sets were spread throughout various versions of the game (e.g., classic, electronic, junior and vintage).