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Who He Is…

Shervin Pishevar was born in Tehran, Iran, to a television and radio executive and a teacher. In 1979, just before the Iranian Revolution, his father Abraham was placed on an execution list for airing instructions on how to leave Iran for foreign nationals. He escaped to the US, where he became a cab driver, while studing for a Ph.D, and his family followed him 18 months later.

Needless to say, Pishevar is no stranger to hard work, and no stranger to good ideas either. He was encouraged by his parents to study medicine. In high school, as a science project, he started to research magainin peptide. Later, at UC Berkeley, he received a Presidential Fellowship to continue the research. By the time he was 19, he was credited as the sole inventor on a patent, a new method of lysing Malaria-infected red blood cells.

The same year, he published an article that linked gluccocortinoids treatments to seizures. By the time he was 20, he co-authored a seminal article that lead to the Istanbul Protocol, the first set of international guidlines for the documentation of torture. It became an UN official document.

But Pishevar didn’t go into a medical profession.

His Work…

At 23, Pishevar became an entrepreneur and founded his first company, WebOS, the first company to create cross-browser Windows-like interfaces for the internet. He pioneered the concept of a Web-based operating system. After that he co-founded Seges Capital and Ionside Interactive. He helped create advanced 3D graphics and an AI engine for the PocketPC, his game Argentum is still the best selling game ever for the PocketPC platform.

From 2005-2011, he served as Founding President, COO, and Board Member for Webs Inc, which became one of the largest social publishing communities in the world. He also founded the Gaming Social Network.

Now, He’s Making Things Important To You…

In 2011, Pishevar joined Menlo Ventures as a managing director, where he focused on the social web, consumer internet, and mobile. He’s one of the original investors behind impressive start ups like Uber (which he believed in so much, he shaved their name in his hair,) Fab, and Tumblr.

But in 2013, he left Menlo Ventures to start Sherpa Ventures, alongside Scott Stanford, the former co-head of Goldman Sachs’ Global Internet Investing Banking divisions.

He’s invested in over 60 companies, including TaskRabbit, Milk, Dollar Shave Club, and Postmates.

Beyond Business…

Shervin Pishevar is, undoubtedly, an amazing businessman, but his work outside of funding and creating new technologies is what truly sets him apart. He’s a man who never stops thinking about his fellow humans, his personal mantra is, “Surround yourself with value creators so that you can continue to be open with your heart and mind in an environment based on grace, merit and generosity.”

He is one of 10 members of the UN Foundation’s Global Entrepreneurs Council, serves as an Entrepreneurial Ambassador for several US State Department delegations, and also on President Obama’s Summit on Entrepreneurship. He helps raise money for clean water in Africa through Charity: Water, and is also involved in helping stop the plight of the suffering with Invisible Children. He is also an advocate for Startup Visa Act, which is trying to create a new type of two year visa for immigrant entrepreneurs.