Facebook Admits To Tracking Non-Users

The social media giant blames a bug for the latest snafu.

The social media giant blames a bug for the latest snafu.

Another day, another privacy concern for users of social media… and apparently now for non-users of social media.

The latest issue revolves around Facebook social plugins that added tracking cookies to some computers of people who have never even signed up for an account. According to Richard Allan, Facebook’s Vice President of Policy in Europe, “Researchers did find a bug that may have sent cookies to some people when they weren’t on Facebook. This was not our intention a fix for this is already under way.”

Allan added that the company is “transparent about our use of cookies, and [has] long disclosed their use to improve your experience on Facebook.”

If non-users visited a third-party site that had plugins such as the Facebook “Like” button embedded, they may have been susceptible to the tracking.

Social media corporations have been under increased scrutiny in recent years due to privacy concerns. Last year, Facebook debuted a section on their site called “Privacy Basics,” where users can learn about and control the visibility of material on their page.