Ex Girlfriend Leaves Drunk Voicemail And The Internet Does The Rest

We all have had our moments where that broken heart clouds your judgement so badly that you end up doing something incredibly stupid. That feeling you get late at night when you’re alone in bed and you really are missing your cuddle buddy, maybe you even had a couple drinks to take the edge off. Then that thought comes into your brain, “I wonder what he/she is doing, I wonder if they miss me”. Which is totally normal so far most people would agree. But then the next thought comes, and this one is very important, ” Maybe I should call them, because I know that if I could just talk to them I could make everything all better. Maybe if I just explain how much I miss them they will come running back to me”. Even this is still completely normal most people would say. But when you actually pick up that phone and hit that button to call, even though you have changed the name of the person to “DO NOT CALL”, or when you hit that button to send is where you have gone wrong. Some of you may not have used this form of insanity before, but I can assure you I have and lets just say it wasn’t one of my best moments.

Ok so we messed up and made that call, it’s ringing, still ringing, they aren’t answering. The voicemail picks up which is normally a bad thing because people always sound so happy in the voicemail greetings and when your hearts broken, or if you’re pissed off, this can be the trigger that sends you further down the rabbit hole whether that be anger or sadness. Of course this means you are most likely going to leave a maddening voicemail which you will definitely regret doing the second you hang up the phone. Maybe you regained your composure before just hanging up after the brutal message you just left and you listen to the voicemail lady do the whole “if you’d like to change your message press 1 now, if your satisfied with your message hit 0 now or hang up” and you are smart enough to either make another voicemail or just delete the nonsensical one you made. But I know that most of us just hang up before it ever gets to that.


The digital age we live in now is even worse. Because now if you have a moment of weakness there is most likely a digital record of it somewhere. If you happen to be crazy enough to push a person to want to humiliate you in the most public way possible they are going to post it on the internet and let the trolls take over.

That is whats happened here. We don’t know any of the back story on the message, we just happen to think that this is trolling at its finest. This Woman has what we will call a “weak moment” where she calls her Ex wanting him back and makes this sound like she’s trying to cry but its clearly a fake cry. So these trolling geniuses take the audio of this voicemail and repurpose it in the best possible way. Plus you get to see Two beautiful cars, the Bugatti Veyron and the Lamborghini Aventador so how can you go wrong? Enjoy.

Here is the Video of the Actual Race