Each Of These 10 Videos Have A Creepy Twist That’ll Give You Nightmares For Days

There are plenty of cute animal videos floating around on the Internet that”ll put you in the mood for the warmer weather — but what if you”re like me, and you”re a little freaked out by everyone”s springtime cheer?

Luckily, the Internet also has options for all you springtime Ebenezers out there. Here”s a collection of the creepiest videos online for all of you who are feeling more October than April.

1. Crying ghost girl.

This video starts with a guy hearing a girl crying and ends with…well…just wait and see what happens when he re-enters the room.

2. Fatal scuba accident.

The final dive of Yuri Lipski, who died many leagues under the sea in Dehab, Egypt”s “Blue Hole.”

3. The Elisa Lam elevator footage.

In 2013, a young woman named Elisa Lam was found dead, her body floating in a water tower atop the Cecil Hotel in Los Angeles. This elevator camera managed to record her final living moments. She seems to be hiding from something, but what? Or who? The cause of her death was never confirmed.

4. Ricardo Lopez, Bjork”s Stalker.

This series of clips gives us a shocking look into the mind of celebrity stalker Ricardo Lopez, whose obsession of choice is art-rock singer, Bjork.

5. Monsters Under The Bed.

A short film about a mom reassuring her daughter that there are no ghosts under the bed…and monsters reassuring her that there are.

6. Snow Ghost.

This one is most likely staged, but is still a fun scare to unsuspecting friends (especially if you don”t give them any context whatsoever).

7. Mannequins (I Feel Fantastic).

Rumor has it that this video was made by a serial killer who dressed mannequins in the clothes of his victims.

8. A 911 call from the South Tower.

Kevin Cosgrove was trapped in one of the towers as it was collapsing, and hurriedly tried to call 911. The chilling call captures his final moments.

9. Dining Room (There is Nothing).

A nefarious looking doll sits across from you at the dinner table with a fire blazing behind her. Talk about an awkward date…

10. An Unexpected House Guest.

This guy thought he was catching his girlfriend in the act of stealing his food. Well, he caught someone, but it definitely wasn”t his girlfriend.

I hope that snapped everyone out of their seasonal good moods. Nothing like a good creepy video to make you realize that spring is just as un-magical as the rest of the year. Bah, humbug!