Drilling Into A Bucket Creates A Cheap And Effective Air Conditioner

Summer will soon be upon us, and if you”re like me, you know there”s a very definite threshold during this season between “pleasantly warm and sunny” and “please put me in the freezer for eternity because I”m melting.” As great as fresh air is, sometimes the only thing you can do is crank the AC and hope the heat lifts when the sun goes down. But then you have to deal with the electric bill. And what if you don”t even have an air conditioner? Are you doomed to sit in a ring of box fans until September?

Well, maybe not. With a few simple materials and tools, you can actually craft a little air conditioner yourself and stay cool in the heat.

Each one is a little different, but you”ll need a container with a lid, a fan, and some PVC pipe for each. The air will be cooled by ice or a frozen gallon jug of water.

Each one is a little different, but you

For the full tutorials, check out the how-to videos below. And, of course, be careful when using power tools!

1. The $8 Air Conditioner

2. The DIY Air Conditioner

3. The Ice Chest Air Conditioner

4. The Cooler Air Conditioner

5. The 5-Gallon Bucket Air Conditioner

The cool (ha!) thing about these is that many of them can be hooked up to a solar panel for air that”s not only chilled, but free. Some are even portable, so you can take them camping. Happy building, and stay cool!