Doctors Said There Was No Hope For This Veteran, But He Left Everyone Speechless

Veterans deal with a ton of issues after they get home from service. Many suffer from PTSD and crippling injuries that stick with them for the rest of their lives.

Fortunately for veterans of the armed forces, they aren”t known for giving up. Their moxie and never-give-up attitudes allow these great people to accomplish seemingly impossible tasks.

Arthur Boorman is a veteran of the armed forces and he, like many others, suffered a disability that made him nearly unable to walk. Doctors gave up on his case, and he was left with only two choices: give up and be stuck with wheelchairs and walking assistants for the rest of his life, or try something radical.

Well, he tried something radical, alright. He invested his strength into a program called DDP Yoga, invented by former professional wrestler, Diamond Dallas Page. His journey from disability to ability was carefully documented in this video.

(source Diamond Dallas Page)

This inspirational story serves as a shining example for anyone hoping to change their life. Not only did his positive attitude allow him to accomplish things that medical science said he couldn”t do, but it changed his body and mind. If this isn”t the greatest testimonial for veterans, the armed forces, and DDP Yoga ever, I don”t know what is.