Doctor Claims He’s Created Bionic Lenses For Superhuman Vision

The future of sight?

The future of sight?

It’s looking more and more like “Superman” will soon just be “Man.”

One reason is that Dr. Garth Webb, a Canadian optometrist, says he has created bionic lenses that will give wearers three times better vision than 20/20.

The lens placement would only require an 8 minute surgery with a syringe. 10 seconds later, your vision should be corrected. (Well, assuming the needle doesn’t accidentally blind you, but that probably won’t happen.)

Webb explains:

“If you can just barely see the clock at 10 feet, when you get the Bionic Lens you can see the clock at 30 feet away.”

Yale University ophthalmologist Dr. Vincent DeLuise is another supporter of the technology.

According to DeLuise:

“I think this device is going to bring us closer to the holy grail of excellent vision at all ranges distant, intermediate and near.”

According to Dr. Webb’s company, Ocumetics Technology Corp., the lenses are made out of a substance that won’t change the physiology of your eyes. They are expected to be available to the public about two years after clinical trials begin.