Do You Want Runny Eggs Or Crispy Ones? Thanks To This Recipe, You Can Have Both.

We all know that deciding what to eat for breakfast is a hard choice — assuming you”re not just running out the door with a granola bar. There are just so many options! And while you might be craving the golden goo of a soft egg, you might also want something hot and crispy. True, you could make two things, but what if you could combine them into one?

Impossible, you say? Not for chef Byron Talbott. And he”s here to show you his recipe for battered, crispy poached eggs that give you the glory of both worlds.

(source ByronTalbott)

Now that you”ve got this brilliant new idea, your leisurely weekend breakfasts will be even more amazing. Feel free to play around with breading options, too, for extra flavor!

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