Do You Have The Smartphone Pinky?

No that’s not a new sexual term that you’ll find in the urban dictionary. Smartphone pinky is that a potential deformation on your pinky that you would get by holding your smartphone all day every day. There has been countless pictures floating around of the potential problem where the pinky finger either appears bent or has an indentation where your smartphone sits on your pinky while holding it in your hand. Ok how many of you just grabbed your phone to see how you hold it and if you have a deformed pinky finger.



Well have no fear because the people at Popular Science have stepped in to let everyone know that even if you do show some sort of disfigurement it should only be temporary. Rachael Rohde, the chair of the Public Education Committee for the American Society for Surgery of the Hand says “It would be pretty hard to deform any of your fingers just by holding a cell phone” also adding that it would take many years of gripping the device very tight to make any noticeable changes.

Dan Polatsch a co-director of the New York Hand and Wrist Center, thinks the pinky angles might in fact be caused by heavier smartphones, but the effect is likely temporary. “It’s no different than when you wear a sock with a tight elastic band all day and then you take it off. There’s a slight indentation for a brief period of time, but it corrects itself” he says.

So basically if your starting to notice something like this with your pinky just hold the phone differently and you’ll be fine. Rest easy millennial generation, your pinky fingers are safe.