Disaster Struck During A Car Ride – The Terrifying Moment Was Caught On Film

The return of warm weather also brings the inevitable return of rampant wildfires. The last few fire seasons have been particularly bad for areas in the western United States. While it”s likely we still have a few more months until peak wildfire season, it”s already in full swing in other parts of the world.

Earlier this month, residents in the southern Russian city of Chita (near the Mongolian border) found themselves in a dire situation. A small wildfire quickly became a blazing inferno in one of the city”s suburbs due to unusually high winds. Residents had no choice but to make a desperate escape through the flames by car, as seen in the dash cam video below.

(via Vladislav Igorevich)

The local government of Chita has called on neighboring towns to provide volunteer firefighters and support as the fires continue to rage. Let”s hope they”re able to quell the blaze before it gets too close to the city and the 300,000 people living there.