Colorblind Man Sees The World In Color For The First Time With EnChroma Glasses

He Finally Sees The Color Of His Children’s Eyes

He Finally Sees The Color Of His Children's Eyes

Break out the Kleenexes.

Your heart will melt as you watch a colorblind man see the true the color of his children’s eyes and of the world around him.

Opie Hughes, a Pennsylvania dad, has been color blind all his life. Earlier this year, he received a pair of colorblindness correcting glasses that allowed him to experience the world in entirely new shades and tones.

Hughes’ sister, Katherine Empey, caught the moment her brother first put on his EnChroma glasses and sees his children in full color for the first time.

He is so overwhelmed after this moment that he breaks into tears, hugs one of his kids and has to sit down.

EnChroma lenses look like ordinary tinted lenses, but when someone with color blindness looks through them, their experience of color vision is fundamentally transformed. Colors appear more vibrant, saturated, full, and yet without compromising the accuracy or color balance of the scene.

Colorful objects, such as flowers, colorful paint and fabrics, food, and traffic signs suddenly “pop” with a heightened purity and intensity. Experiences like a rainbow or a sunset, seen for the first time with EnChroma, are magically transformed beyond any rational description.

In the video below, you can see just how much of difference these lenses make to someone who has lived their whole lives with color blindness.