Chubby Hedgehog Just Really, Really, Really Wants To Roll Over

You know the feeling you have after eating a huge, carb-heavy meal and even the slightest bit of movement seems like the ultimate struggle? This hedgehog totally understands your pain.

While lying on his back, the chubby lil” guy has a tough time trying to roll over onto his paws, but the persistent cutie just won”t give up. He”s so hilarious flailing his arms and swaying around, it”s actually kind of sad when he does finally succeed.



See the whole adorable struggle here:

(source HART Wildlife Rescue)

I”d rather not admit how much this reminds me of myself after visiting a buffet…Or how many times a week it happens. Let”s just focus on how funny this cutie is and pay no attention to where I”m meeting my friends for dinner later…

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