Check Out The Fastest (And Most Ridiculous) Way To Peel Potatoes

Ah, potatoes. Sometimes, you just can”t wait to have them in your mouth. You fiend for them. You yearn for them. You lust for them. They beckon you with a siren”s call, waiting in anticipation for your consumption.

However, in order for you to get to the point of eating a potato, you must deal with the ridiculously tedious task of peeling them. There is no more annoying chore than peeling potatoes when you crave them. You say to yourself that there must be a faster way, and you don”t care how it has to be done. It just needs to be done.

(via VitalyzdTvHD)

Well, that worked! You get to peel multiple potatoes at once, and they will be in your belly in just a matter of minutes. Now if there was only a way that a bucket and power drill could turn them into french fries…