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You’ve Never Heard The Jurassic Park Theme Music Like This — The Setting Is Awe-Inspiring

There are few things more magical to kids and adults alike than the epic blockbuster that is Jurassic Park. The incredible combination of Steven Spielberg”s cinematic directing, Michael Crichton”s imaginative writing, and John Williams” sublime composition has made the film well loved by people around the world. In honor of Jurassic World, the latest iteration

What This Dad Is Letting His Daughter Do Makes Him My New Hero

The hit movie of the summer was the blockbuster Jurassic World. Since its release, kids and adults everywhere are, once again, obsessed wtih dinosaurs. Everything dino-related has found a resurgence in popularity. People have rekindled their love with the ancient animals and they have no qualms about showing it. This dad, however, is taking it