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12 Parenting Fails That Will Make You Shake Your Damn Head

Look, being a parent isnt easy. When youre 100% responsible for another human being for every second of every day, chances are youre gonna make some mistakes. Perfect parenting simply doesnt exist. Still, there are DEFINITELY some red lines in parenting that should never, ever be crossed. Here are 13 of them: Generally speaking, the

Everyone Loves Maryjane: Interesting Facts About Weed

Weed. More people admit to using the illegal substance than any other, yet there is still a stigma attached to the drug. With the substance on the verge of becoming legal, here are some facts you should get to know about everyones favorite pastime. Marijuana is the most common illegal drug used in the United

Reporter Falls To Pieces When He See A Bug

Fox 5 San Diegos reporter Brad Wills head is spinning from a close encounter of the large bug kind live on the air last Friday. While preparing to do a live segment for Fox-Super Lucky Friday Wills discovered it was not his lucky day at all when a sizable insect flew in front of his