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Epic Video of Old Dudes Teaching Some Punks A Lesson!

Getting taught a life lesson is a valuable thing. Sometimes kids learn the hard way. In a world where a bunch of young knuckleheads have grown up watching Jackass movies, these two teens thought it would be funny to mess with some old dudes on a golf course. The results are magic. Facebook Twitter E-mail

OMG…Sometimes Things Dont Go As Planned

Remember that time you tried that epic wheelie as a kid and instead of making all your friends cheer in victory, you ate crap and hit your face on a car bumper sending all of your friends running, laughing at your pain? Well this post is about stuff like that. Good gone bad, right turned

Notes That Prove Kids Are Brutally Honest

Nothing is sweeter than a cute note from your child. A birthday card or a piece of paper with a drawing can make your whole day. Unless you catch junior on a real honest day. Talk about a dagger to the heart! his post is dedicated to all those mini assassins who kill us with

Rich Kids On Snapchat = The Absolute Worst

Most kids grow up with hard working parents and are taught respect, love and kindness towards everyone. Then theres the rich kids. The kind that have absentee parents who treat money like a god and never teach their kids the meaning of respect. These silver-spoon trust fund bitches have nothing better to do than flaunt

30 Examples Of Terrible Parenting Fails

Parenting isnt easy. You have to exercise good judgment, be a role model and help teach your kids right from wrong. This gallery doesnt have any of those parents in it, it features the other ones. The clueless, the stoned, the drunk and the bad. Be a better parent than these knuckleheads…please?