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The Irish Cant Say This One, Easy Word and Its Hilarious.

In this wonderful video, an Irish man identified only as Tommy, is captured mispronouncing the tongue-twister word SPECIFICALLY as ‘pacifically’ and ‘sepifically’ while the woman filming erupts in a fit of laughter. It got us laughing pretty good as well. Read more: Follow us: @MailOnline on Twitter | DailyMail on Facebook

20 Best Moments from the Justin Bieber Roast

For those of you who watched Comedy Centrals Roast of Justin Bieber this week, you may have just started to to recover from the laugh fest. In one of the greatest roasts yet, the Biebs took heat for an hour of tasteless, amazing, side splitting, cover your eyes comedy as the 21 year old got

Best Photos Of The Week: Fun or Funny? You Decide

Easy Sammy Hagar Nom Nom Nom! Father Knows Best Good Dog…;Bad Dog Looking Good Back There Chris It Should Say Student Of The Month She had a dog-face…;What a bitch. Thats some good Graffiti Theres always one asshole who wants a slice from the middle This keeps me going all week: Sideboob Some good people

Women Can Now Get Weed For Their Vaginas

I feel bad for women, I mean they have to deal with a lot of things that guys will never understand. A lot of things are based off the vagina, let’s get real. I mean cramps for a week at least once a month and then there’s that thing about bleeding for a straight week