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40 Images Of Things That Have Crushed Your Soul

There are plenty of things that get to us on a daily basis…;slow commutes, bad meals, loud talkers and ex-wifes. These things can make the best day bad and this gallery is visual proof of the little things that make life more difficult than it should be. Social Media Ruins Original Ideas That Was Once

The Meme Machine: Donald Trump In The Corsshairs

One of the most polarizing things that has happened to our country in recent times, is Donald Trump. People, family and friends are divided at the message this man is spinning and it’s drawing a line in the sand. People on social media are in a fervor when seeing their friends post support of this

Do You Have The Smartphone Pinky?

No that’s not a new sexual term that you’ll find in the urban dictionary. Smartphone pinky is that a potential deformation on your pinky that you would get by holding your smartphone all day every day. There has been countless pictures floating around of the potential problem where the pinky finger either appears bent or

35 Animals That Look Like Celebrities

You’ve heard how owners and their dogs can often look alike, right? Well, we found some animal doppelgangers who look like some of history’s most famous people. Snoop and this dog are twins Peyton and this pooch Adrien Brody and this monkey