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Kate Winslet And The Magic French Fry!

Leo Dicaprio was recently all over the news for the appearance of his vape pen at the SAG awards this past Saturday, and in that picture we notice in the background that Kate Winslet is eating a french fry. Which is funny, because how often do you get to see celebrities acting like normal people

Britney Spears Meets Hillary Clinton In Vegas

Britney Spears has a show at Planet Hollywood in Vegas, similar to what Celine Dion has going on over at Caesar’s Palace, that she started back in 2013. Last year she extended that contract to continue to play there until 2017. Even though Britney is no stranger to meeting high profile people she seemed almost

Those Days That You Wish You Were A Seatbelt

The 3 point seat belt was invented back in 1959 by Nils Bohlin from Sweden and was much safer then the 2 point lap belt that had been used before. The new belt secured both the lower half and more importantly the upper half which proved not only to be safer, but was also easy