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The Yo Mama Joke That Tops All Yo Mama Jokes (VIDEO)

Comedy comes in all shapes and sizes, but there’s something hilariously refreshing about a good ol’ fashioned “Yo Mama” joke. During one of his stand-up shows, comedian Lavell Crawford — also famously known for playing Huell Babineaux in the classic Netflix series Breaking Bad — dropped a Yo Mama joke that not only brought the

Ted Cruz Uses Soft Porn Actress In Campaign Ad

Back in the 90’s, Amy Lindsay was one of those hot actresses that you would see in one of those late night dirty movies if you were lucky enough to have HBO or Cinemax; especially Cinemax. The ones that was basically a bunch of nonsense inbetween sex scenes and boob shots (this was soft core

Cartoons From The Good Old Days

Cartoons now are so much different then what they were for us when we were growing up. It seems like all you see now is Anime type Cartoons and kids don’t even know what they are missing. So I figured we needed to show these young kids what real cartoons were like. If nothing else

Questlove Shares The Weirdest Prince Story Ever

Questlove, you may have heard, tells the best stories. Prince, in our experience, IS the best stories. Watch above as Okayplayer animates Questo’s tale, a story filled with the magic powers of The Purple One, Nigerian Afrobeat god Fela Kuti, Finding Nemo, and a hot pink stretch Hummer