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Study finds that Monopoly players who are given large advantages still act rudely towards opponents and insist they’ve won using skill and strategy.

Social-psychologist Paul Piff who focuses most of his research on social hierarchies and how these impact our lives and society in general, has presented very interesting findings through a study on the game of Monopoly. In his TED Talk held at TEDxMarin, Piff discusses a recent series of behavioral experiments centered on the game of

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Although the UK is considered to have a superpower status among European providers of education, other countries are stepping in the game of attracting international students, offering high-quality, English-speaking programmes for less.  With the costs of higher education increasingly rising in the UK, more and more European and international students opt for several European non-English-speaking

14 Conversations That Might Have the Answers for You

The location-based gay dating app Grindr has long since been the object of fascination and wild speculation for those not in the know. Well, these 16 screencaps of actual conversations confirm that – yes – it is JUST as savagely lewd as we expected (..because we have a savagely lewd taste in picking screencaps). 1)

Topps Announces Will Ferrell Baseball Trading Cards

Topps Trading Cards, you really out-did yourself this time. Two months after Will Ferrell embarked upon a whirlwind tour of crashing Major League Baseball training camps in full gear, the company announced that they will soon release a special set of collectable Will Ferrell baseball cards. The company announced on their Instagram that you will

Video Of Girl Stalking Old Crush Proves Women Are Crazy!

Women go on social media for 3 things. To stalk old boyfriends, to stalk their old boyfriend’s-new girlfriend’s and lastly, to see how they rank in life compared to popular people on social media. The results are dramatic let-downs followed by self-loathing. This is a known fact. In this video we have a Marion Bull,

Is Khloe The New Hottest Kardashian?

Khloe Kardashian was never known as the hot one, at least not in comparison to her sisters Kim and Kourtney. And now she has Kendall and Kylie coming into their own as well that she has to measure up to. Most people would probably choose Kim as the hot one but here we always thought