Super Mario Run

Nintendo’s Super Mario Run was expected to be a huge success, and unsurprisingly it’s making Nintendo a boatload of money. Despite its critical flop, the game remains one of the top five grossing apps in two-dozen countries. However, subscriptions are declining rapidly, and this is probably due to Nintendo’s unsophisticated monetization tactics. Super Mario Run

A Car Thief Got A Huge Dose Of Instant Karma

“Crime doesn”t pay.” It”s a saying that”s in our modern lexicon for a reason. Most of the time, people attempting to commit crimes get caught. Even if they don”t, they may live in constant fear of getting caught. If you”re thinking about getting into a life of crime, let this video serve as a deterrent.

When Huskies Throw Temper Tantrums, They Really Commit

Listen. I was a professional tantrum thrower as a kid. I knew the level of foot-stomping, hair-flipping, exasperated commitment that went into pulling off fits of epic proportions. As it turns out, so do huskies. Giphy They’re so gifted in the art of throwing hissy fits, in fact, that my four-year-old self doesn’t hold a